Handaxe Limited and Pesky gNATs

In February 2014, together with Dr Gary O’Reilly, I co-founded Handaxe CIC, a not-for-profit, community interest company dedicated to research and development of technology to support mental health interventions.  This company is built on a spirit of generosity. We believe technologies that support mental health services can make an important contribution to society. But only if they are widely available. We aim to make our technologies available free of charge, or at the lowest possible cost to adolescent mental health services.

Pesky gNATs is the first product developed by Handaxe Limited. It is a computer game and mobile app that implements core elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and supports clinical interventions for young adolescents experiencing depression and anxiety. We also provide online training for mental health professionals who wish to use our software.

For further details of Handaxe Limited see www.handaxe-cic.com. You can also find details of Pesky gNATs here or you can follows the Pesky gNATs Twitter feed.