I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at University College Dublin. I work mainly in Human Computer Interaction and the overall goal of my research is to design systems that help to address important societal challenges, in particular healthcare and sustainability. My current work has a strong interdisciplinary focus, with several broad themes:

  • Health technologies: I have projects investigating the use of games and mobile devices in mental health interventions and lead the user-centred design activities in two large health technology projects, SPHERE and the IEU.
  • User Experience: I am developing new techniques to understand the experience of agency when interacting with novel technologies, including intelligent and on-body interfaces.
  • Crowdsourcing and information visualisation: Other projects are investigating crowdsourcing and visualisation to support environmental activism and safety critical navigational tasks.

My research page provides further detail of ongoing research projects.


Jan 2015: I have joined the School of Computer Science and Informatics at University College Dublin.
Jan 2015: Paper on the experience of agency in speech interfaces accepted for CHI 2015.
Dec 2014: Workshop on Developing Skills for Social and Emotional Wellbeing accepted to ACM CHI 2015
Aug 2014: Paper on the experience of agency accepted for publication in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience.
Aug 2014: Hannah Limerick has given presentations on agency in speech interfaces at ASSC 18 and ICON 2014.
July 2014: Pesky gNATs featured in NIHR Horizon Scanning Centre report.
June 2014: IJHCS special issue on emotional wellbeing published.
May 2014: UKHO project started. Will develop new interaction and visualisation techniques for maritime navigation.
Mar 2014: Handaxe Limited has won funding to continue the development of Pesky gNATs.

Prospective PhD Students:

I am looking for PhD students who are passionate about designing new interactive technologies that help to address important social and economic challenges. If you are interested in undertaking a PhD with the Bristol Interaction and Graphics group, please contact me to discuss projects and funding possibilities.

Current teaching:

COMP40630 Human Computer Interaction

Past teaching: (University of Bristol)
COMSM0009 Interactive Devices
COMS21301 Human Computer Interaction
COMS30500 Third Year Individual Projects

Sample projects:

The Experience of Agency: This is an ongoing project in which I am applying implicit metrics – derived from recent research in Cognitive Neuroscience – to explore peoples’ experience of personal agency when interacting with new technologies, such as on-body interactions and intelligent interfaces. Details here.

SPHERE (Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment) is an EPSRC funded interdisciplinary research collaboration (IRC) led by the University of Bristol together with the Universities of Southampton and Reading. The project focuses on developing sensor systems to monitor the health and wellbeing in the home. Details here.

Close the Door explored ways in which mobile crowdsourcing can be used to support pro-environmental behaviour change. In contrast to previous HCI research on pro-environmental technology, much of which is focused on individual behaviour change, this project focuses on the design of systems to target groups and communities. Details here.