david1I am an Associate Professor in Human Computer Interaction with the School of Computer Science and Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Dublin. My research has a strong interdisciplinary focus, with the overall goal of understanding and developing computer systems that help to address important societal challenges. My current research has several broad themes:

  • Health technologies: I have projects investigating the use of online support, games and mobile devices in mental health interventions. I also lead the user-centred design activities for SPHERE, a large interdisciplinary research collaboration focused on smart healthcare, based at the University of Bristol.
  • The Experience of Agency: I have an ongoing interest in applying implicit metrics – derived from recent research in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience – to explore peoples’ experience of agency when interacting with new technologies, including intelligent, on-body and sensing interfaces.
  • Crowdsourcing and information visualisation: Other projects are investigating crowdsourcing and visualisation to support environmental activism and maritime navigation.

My research page provides further detail of ongoing research projects.

Current teaching:

COMP40630 Human Computer Interaction
COMP41690 Mobile Application Development
COMP30680 Web Application Development

Past teaching: (University of Bristol)
COMSM0009 Interactive Devices
COMS21301 Human Computer Interaction
COMS30500 Third Year Individual Projects

Prospective PhD Students:

I enjoy working with people who are passionate about interactive technologies and want to address important social, economic and intellectual challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at University College Dublin please contact me to discuss projects and funding possibilities.

Recent projects:

The Experience of Agency
This is an ongoing project in which we are applying implicit metrics – derived from recent research in Cognitive Neuroscience – to explore and map peoples’ experience of personal agency when interacting with new technologies, such as on-body interactions and intelligent interfaces.
[CHI 2012] [CHI 2015]
Crowdsourcing and community activism
Close the Door explored ways in which mobile crowdsourcing can be used to support pro-environmental community activists groups. In contrast to previous HCI research on pro-environmental technology, much of which is focused on individual behaviour change, this project offered new insights on the design of systems that target groups and communities.
[CHI 2013] [CSCW 2014]

Program Committees

  • ACM CHI 2016 and 2015 Associate Chair, Understanding People sub-committee.
  • Irish HCI 2015 Program Chair.
  • ACM CHI 2011, 2012 and 2014 Work in Progress papers committee.
  • ACM CHI 2014 Student Competition.
  • CBMS 2014 and 2015.
  • OzCHI 2014.
  • ACM International Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science 2012 and 2013
  • Computer Based Medical Systems special tracks 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Irish HCI 2010 and 2011


  • Workshop on Designing for Social and Emotional Wellbeing at ACM CHI 2015
  • RepliCHI the Workshop at ACM CHI 2013
  • Workshop on Interaction Design and Emotional Wellbeing at ACM CHI 2012
  • Designing Wellbeing at ACM DIS 2012
  • People Computers and Psychotherapy at British HCI 2012

Editorial service

  • Guest editor: special issue of the International Journal of Human Computer Studies on ‘Designing for Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing’ (published July 2014).
  • Editorial board: Behaviour and IT special issue on Medical Teamwork, Collaboration and Patient-Centred Care.