In 2002 I completed an MSc in Multimedia at Dublin City University. During this course I undertook a project entitled ‘Savant’, an interactive museum installation exploring the different audio and visual worlds experienced by people with autism. It focused on the phenomenal talents of autistic savants in areas such as music, art and mathematics. The installation combined interactive video and sound with Flash animation, Shockwave 3D and graphic design. It was designed in collaboration with Mark Matthews, Damien Polly, Oonagh Casey, Sinead Stafford and Deirdre Molloy.

Impact: Savant was exhibited both nationally and internationally and won a Europrix Top Talent Award.

The videos below are short outtakes from longer pieces in the installation.

Visual memory: this video was made to introduce the concept of visual memory, a common trait of autism. I made the video and designed the audio.


Girl sifting: this video introduces the repetitive actions in which autistic people can find solace and happiness.
I edited this video and designed the audio.